Halo XL Hex Key Skewer Set – Black


XL Hex Key Skewers

Lightweight Cr-Mo threaded rod with an hex key fitting and coloured alloy end covers.

The absence of any lever means these skewers offer improved security and reduced weight over a traditional QR skewer.

Features a steel 'no-turn tab' to prevent the end cone from rotating whilst doing up or removing. There's also a 15 x 3mm cone spanner recess cut into nut, just in case the ‘no-turn’ tab cannot operate.


  • Cr-Mo rods
  • Steel 'no-turn’ tabbed washer insert
  • Serrated alloy frame grip surfaces
  • 15mm cone spanner holding back-up on nut
  • Black, Gold anodised or White Powdercoated.

Maximum width skewers can be used with:

Front 122mm – (100mm hub width, plus 11mm dropout either side)

Rear 155mm – (135mm hub width, plus 10mm dropout either side)


Standard Length versions also available.

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